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MURS Alert Probe Sensor

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MURS Alert Probe Sensor
MURS Alert Probe Sensor
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The MURS Alert™ Probe Sensor is a long-range wireless driveway alarm that will detect vehicles only. It combines the features of the vehicle sensor drive alert with our MURS Alert™ technology. The MURS Probe is very reliable and will not give false signals from large animals or other sources. When the MURS Alert™ detects a vehicle, it will send an alert signal to either the M538-BS or M538-HTtransceivers. The alert signal will be in spoken English and twice repeats the phrase “Alert Zone One,” “Alert Zone Two,” “Alert Zone Three,” or “Alert Zone Four.” The four alert messages are easily selected at the transmitter, so that up to four different zones can be monitored simultaneously.

The MURS Alert™ Probe Sensor has five channels and 38 sub-channels to choose from. This will help to eliminate interference from other users. The MURS Probe operates on four cr123a batteries (included). The battery life should be about six months under most conditions. The channels, sub-channels, and alert zones are all easily selected by the user. The probe is connected to the transmitter box with 50' of direct burial cable.

The MURS transmitter will have a range of up to several miles* to the hand-held or base station transceivers. This extended range will help monitor areas that have been very difficult to monitor in the past. It will be of great value to businesses monitoring customer traffic, security guards trying to monitor remote warehouses, and farmers monitoring vacant farm sites.

*Actual range will vary depending on the local terrain.

Customer Reviews
Rating Very Sensative
I had used this driveway probe so I can tell when someones headed up my driveway. Helps prevent suprises which is nice. Before you bury it tes it in the location you think you want. Also buy a stick of PVC and put the put the probe in that so vechicle weight doenst damage it over time. Remember this sucker is very sensative, upon testing it it picked up my Glock and shovels or even a pick axe. VERY COOL! Other ncie thing is it take barrery so no need to wire to or rely on the gird. Oh last thing I originally bought the 50' but wasnt able to get the transmitter box to proper concealment so had to return it and get the 125' cable, much better. You can spray paint the box to blend in better. Only reason for four stars is the quality of the box, its enough but I like more. When this one wears out (years I think) I will likely transplant to something more robust. Oh on range we have rolling terrain and this is the unit you need in the hills or mountains. Originally tried the 2500 version and the signal wasn't strong enough to reach our house maybe 200 yards up the hill. This version seems much more powerful, they claim miles I cant be sure but lots of reviews on amazon say it's good that far.
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Reviewed by:  from Bozeman. - 6/15/2016
Rating very nice driveway alarm
First, remember that to bury this whole deal. It's quite a bit of work. If you have a wheeled trencher or one on a bobcat your install will be much easier. I dug mine in by hand and its a all day project. Be sure to compile all the parts. So in addition to the Dakota Alert and all its parts I used the following: 20 feet of schedule 80 pvc, appropriate elbows (big sweep), pvc glue and primer, spray paint to match environment, etc. A pick-Ax was ideal and a staple gun or some way to secure the cable to the post of tree you plan to mount the box. All that said, just plan it all out before and give yourself a weekend to do it. The sensitivity settings were good from the factory and the channel settings were easy to modify. I have tested it several times with small metal object and it works really good. I use the Baofeng uvr5 radio to alert while I work around the property. When I'm inside the building the base station from Dakota are actually pretty cool. The nice thing about them is it's got a push to talk so you can communicate with any other base stations or mobile units and still hear the driveway alerts. Overall, pretty pleased with the whole set up.
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Reviewed by:  from The Wilderness. - 11/14/2016
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