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F-Brake Lightweight

Part Number F-1400-LW
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F-Brake Lightweight
F-Brake Lightweight
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The 1400 Series F-Brake Lightweight, which fits a variety of weapon systems, SIGNIFICANTLY reduces both recoil and muzzle rise so that the weapon falls directly back on target aiding in faster follow-on shots.  

Precision machined from Mil Certified American made 7075 T6 Aluminum bar stock, coupled with exceptional threading for superb barrel mating. The 1400 Series F-Brake Lightweight is offered in either black or burnt bronze hard anodized coating providing a rugged and durable finish.  Additionally, the anodizing process lends significant strength to the aluminum.

The F-Brake Lightweight is a featherweight and performs exceptionally well.  This is intended for 300 Blk, .22's or any subsonic loads you may have dialed in. It will perform just as well with full power loads but a reduced service life.  

The 1400 Series F-Brake Lightweight has multiple gas port holes at approximately the 9 and 3 o’clock  position to counter muzzle rise and aid in follow-on shot accuracy.

Each 1400 Series F-Brake Lightweight is covered by Harrison Gear's limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing or material defects.  The 1400 Series F-Brake Lightweight is 100% American made, from American materials.  The F-Brake also includes a stainless steel set screw and Allen wrench for frustration free mounting.   

NOTE: The 1400 Series F-Brake Lightweight may be permanently mounted to bring 8.5" barrels to legal length. For further information regarding such installation please contact a current and competent gunsmith or the BATFE.


•Gas porting greatly reduces recoil impulse and muzzle rise so the weapon falls back onto target for faster and more accurate follow-on shots

•Extremely lightweight coming in around 7 ounces!

•Precision machined from Mil Certified USA manufactured 7075 T-6 Aluminum bar stock

•High-precision cut threading for excellent barrel mating

•Black or burnt bronze anodized to provide an increase in strength and withstand the toughest environments

•Installation requires no permanent modifications for host weapon system

•Stainless steel set screw and Allen wrench included for frustration free mounting

•Harrison Gear three bar trademark machined into end cap

•Do not install crush type washers in conjunction with the 1400 Series F-Brake. Please use the included GemTech Precision Shim kits to properly time and mount the brake.


Caliber: Multi

Length: 7.5"

Diameter:  1.4"

Material: Mil Certified Made in USA 7075 T-6 Aluminum

Origin: Made in the USA

Outer diameter 1.4" overall length 7.5"

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